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North Valley Symphony Orchestra (NVSO) is comprised of adult musicians from all walks of life: teachers, engineers, pilots, policemen, healthcare, labor and management. We share one common goal: the pursuit of exceptional live music performance. The orchestra also invites exceptional North Valley Youth Orchestra members to participate. All members are volunteers, and must audition for the orchestra to be accepted. That said, we recognize that we are not a professional orchestra, and the community spirit and camaraderie in our group is very positive and accepting.

If you have a passion to perform great music, can attend weekly rehearsals, and are willing to commit to the necessary practice, we want you in our orchestra!!

Mondays, 7:00 - 9:15 pm

Section Violin 1 (2 seats)
Section Violin 2 (2 seats)
Principal Viola (1 seat)
Section Viola (2 seats)
Section Cello (2 seats)
Section ContraBass (1 seat)
Principal Oboe (1 seat)
Second Bassoon (1 seat)
Section Percussion (2)


Auditions for open seats are by arrangement, are held with the music director, concertmaster, and the section leader for the open seat in attendance. Please contact Kevin Kozacek at or fill out the Contact Us page, or call 623-980-4628 to make an audition appointment.

Audition Materials:

Download the Audition Instructions and Excerpts appropriate to your instrument below:

Audition Instructions                       Concertmaster Instructions

Violin Excerpts                                Concertmaster Excerpt - Scheherazade

Viola Excerpts                                 Concertmaster Excerpt - Primavera

Cello Excerpts

Bass Excerpts

Flute Excerpts

Oboe Excerpts

Clarinet Excerpts 

Bass Clarinet Excerpts

Bassoon Excerpts

Horn Excerpts

Trumpet Excerpts

Trombone Excerpts

Tuba Excerpts

Piano Excerpts

Are you a returning member or were you recently accepted into the orchestra after your audition? Make sure to register for the 2019-20 season by clicking on the button above. When you are done completing the registration you will have the opportunity to return to the menu to purchase season tickets or make a donation to NVSO.

Welcome to North Valley Symphony Orchestra!