Testimonials from our community

We are always happy to receive feedback from our audience and our musicians.

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What is our audience saying?

“NVSO is the best entertainment value in all of Phoenix! This is a great place to meet your friends and enjoy an evening of beautiful music together. These talented musicians are fantastic and it is so special! Thank you for this opportunity. “

“Continue entertaining those in the community!”

“Thank you for the wonderful music always.”

“Soo looking forward to this.  My Granddaughter has been playing violin for 5 years now.  This is going to be such a Wonderful experience for her.”

“Life without music is like a day without sunshine! Shine On!!”  


We asked our youth ensemble members about their NVSO experience. Here are some of their comments:

“..I like that our teacher is very funny and that he believes in all of us. He also gives us life lessons like ‘it doesn’t matter how many times you miss You shoot that ball until it reaches the bottom of the net.’”

“..I really love our concerts, it is so thrilling to hear everyone clapping for us.”

“..Playing in an orchestra is the best experience a string player could ever have. Since joining NVSO, I learned the value of playing in a group. There’s just something about coming together with other passionate and like-minded students and teachers that feeds your soul in a way that playing by yourself just doesn’t.”

“I love how NVSO challenges me, and everyone gets along, and it’s a great group to play with. I learned how to socialize between a younger age group and an older age group.”

“My favorite thing about NVSO is the family/community feel to it…being able to grow and learn from one another personally and musically.”

Adult Orchestra musician testimonials

“This will be my third year as a member and I still love it!”

“Power of Music!”

“Love NVSO. Truly support it.”

“After 20 years away from music, NVSO has filled a gap in my life. I had not realized how much I missed participating in an orchestra until I was accepted into the NVSO community. Thank you for giving me and my fellow musicians this opportunity!'“